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Angra dos Reis

Angra dos Reis

The place cariocas

go for vacations

Cultivate unforgettable memories at one of the most beautiful cities in the planet. Enjoy a drink while contemplating a beautiful view of the beach, and take your time to get to know all the tourist’s spots.

Angra is one the most chosen places for vacations of the cariocas (people that live in Rio)



The condo is safe and closed to visitors. The beach is really close to the house (300m walking or 600m by car). At the end of the walk, you can take a flight of stairs or take the cable car (lazyness!). There are some boat trips leaving from the condo beach. You can call contact Viana Tourism +55(24) 99206-9206 or +55(24) 99224-2732. At the condo entrance, the doorman can sometimes recommend some more boat options.

Aluguel Angra RJ | Casa Barlavento
Aluguel Angra RJ | Casa Barlavento

At the beach there is leisure area with restroom, ice machine (we have a cooler at the house), beach volleyball court, playground, beach umbrella and beach chairs

Aluguel Angra RJ | Casa Barlavento
Aluguel Angra RJ | Casa Barlavento

To eat nearby

For grocery stores, supermarkets and snacks there are 2 options:  

If you want to eat without driving too much there are some options:

  • Capitão 7 Barba - Lunch and Dinner - 5min - How to get there

    • Simple, but tasty. The food takes a while to be served, so go there if you are not in a rush.

  • Bar do Lico - Pizza and Brazilian Pancakes - 5min - How to get there

    • It is a very simple place, but the pancakes and juices are great. It is on Historic Vila of Mambucaba that is cited on the Hans Staden book of 1557. Park your car next to the church (XIX century).

  • Korcora Mambucaba PUB - Dining at night - 10 min - How to get there

    • It has a lot of good feedbacks on tripadvisor.

The Islands

I would need an entire website only for the Islands. Special mentions are needed to Ilha da Gipóia, Sandri, Ilha Grande e Cataguás. The background of this page is in Ilha Grande (Unesco's wold heritage). Take a look at the main Islands on tripadvisor:



Paraty Unesco's wold heritage

Paraty's center is 45 min away by car, but the county is 5 min away and there are a lot of atractions. Paraty is a charming city and with a different energy. A lot of culture, great food and beautiful views. Are you looking for a place full of history, culture, adventure, architecture, nature or beaches? Then Paraty is your place.

Great food

The best food options are in Paraty e they are not far!

  • Tarituba - 15 min away - How to get there

    • It is a beach of fishermen with good seafood restaurants. 

  • Quiosque São Francisco - The favorite one! - 30 min away - How to get there

    • It is our favorite. The food is delicious and you eat at chairs at the beach, while listening to bossanova music. After eating why not lay down in hammock? See more in TripAdvisor.

    • The restaurant is in Praia Grande, you park your car inside a yard just across  a wooden gate. Walk to the beach and you will find the restaurant.​​

Aluguel Angra RJ | Casa Barlavento
  • Paraty's historic center - 45 min away​ - How to get there

    • The historic center has a great number of restaurant options. Park your car and walk through the historic center (cars can't go inside). There are a lot of restaurants, ​horse drawn carriages, boat trips. It is a great place to visit during the morning and at night.

Aluguel Angra RJ | Casa Barlavento
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